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When in Manila: Growing Plants is Now Easier with These Cool Plant Kits

The people behind Seedibles were inspired by the philosophy that “our lives are closely interwoven with nature and each other,” which is why they created quality plant therapy kits that can help anyone “eat what you sow.”The kits from Seedibles are supposed to build your confidence in growing your own food, so they put in a lot of research into the products that are included in each kit—and they really go above and beyond the usual! They even include Morning Miracle Caplets (or growth boosters) and their very own Seedibles Bloom Serum (a.k.a. fertilizer cocktail).“We thought to ourselves: how many Filipinos get discouraged from planting when they think of all the preparation and research that needs to be done beforehand?...

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Philippine Star: Aspiring 'plantito,' 'plantita'? Farmer Nico Bolzico gives 'plantips'

In addition to Nico's tips, Seedibles, a brand specializing in planting kits offered via its Facebook and Instagram pages, shared the following tips for those who want to hop into the planting bandwagon: Grow plants you can eat There’s nothing more cathartic than watching your plant grow from a humble seed to an abundant harvest — the unique feeling of serving it up for dinner after a long day, you can proudly say, “I grew that.” It’s the experience in full circle.  Keep it simple Make a list of three to five plants you enjoy with your meal and focus on those for your first season. Grow from seeds Apart from being part of the incredible seed-to-harvest transformation, there are multiple...

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Tatler Asia: 7 Eco-Friendly Products To Work Into Your Lifestyle

Exercising your green thumb is now easier than ever with Seedibles' grow kits. With the promise of offering their customers all they'd ever need to "perfect planting", Seedibles has become a great companion for beginner growers. They have a catalogue of exciting kits for vegetables and herbs so you can even grow your own salad! It's an exciting line of plants and plant care items (such as potting mix and "bloom serum") you shouldn't miss out on.

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