The Anatomy of a Seedibles Plant Kit

What makes a Seedibles plant kit special? Surely, you won't find the recipes we have anywhere else! Our kits are specially designed to help you grow your own delicious and organic food, no matter your experience in planting. We've made sure to pack everything you need to be well on your plant journey. The only thing missing, really, is you.

1. Vegetable and herb seeds

Our vegetable and herb seeds include arugula, tomato, lettuce, chives, hot pepper, cilantro, and basil. They’re procured from reputable and legitimate sources, so they’re sure to be the healthiest of the bunch!

Note: Seeds have a shelf life which varies depending on the seed variety, so it's best to plant your seeds as soon as you get your plant kit!

2. Biodegradable coco coir pot

Our high-quality 100% organic pot is completely biodegradable as they’re a natural byproduct of coconut-processing waste. They:

  • help maintain a neutral pH level of around 6.0-6.7 (best for garden vegetables and herbs);
  • improve moisture management through effective soil drainage and moisture retention (A pot can hold up to 8 times its weight in water! It helps make your plant less high maintenance in terms of watering.);
  • help your plant guard against diseases (less humidity due to good drainage means less diseases strike your seedlings!)
  • allow more oxygen to reach the roots because of its naturally-aerated structure (unlike your regular ceramic and plastic pot);
  • enhance the overall soil quality and plant health overtime as the pots have calcium, magnesium, and potassium, which are essential for seedling growth (Be careful not to use low quality coco pots as they usually have high sodium content!)

The best part is, if you have a garden, you can plant them directly on to the ground! If not, make sure to add a small tray or plate at the bottom to ensure that water doesn’t leak.

3. Bloom Serum

Our own signature fertilizers are tried-and-tested mixes specially formulated for learning growers. Backed by years of experience, our trusted agricare partners concoct these recipes with your success in mind.

Our Serum is a complete fertilizer cocktail, which means that it contains the 3 principal elements required for plant growth, which is nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium.

It’s 100% organic and it takes months to make as it's composed of fermented plant and fruit juice, fish amino acid, indigenous microorganisms, calcium phosphate, and other plant-boosting nutrients.

All of these ingredients come together to boost plant immunity and fortify its growth. 5 drops on your seedling twice a week will do the trick! For medium to large plants (around 3+ inches tall), it’s best to mix it with water (2/3 of a 30ml bottle, or around 20ml, is to 1 liter of water) and use it as a spray to ensure that all parts of the plant from leaves to roots are well taken cared of!*

*Best to use the serum solution within 24 hours after mixing.

4. Morning Miracle

These caplets are dubbed as Morning Miracles for a reason: they deliver dramatic impact to your plant the morning after you use them. Like everything we make, they’re completely organic! They’re growth boosters that contain over 20 strains of live microorganisms.

They’re specifically designed to speed up healthy plant growth, increase pest resistance, improve root development, rejuvenate your soil, and improve flowering and fruiting.

A caplet twice a week can increase harvest and improve the quality of your herbs and vegetables in terms of color, taste, and size. For medium to large plants (around 3+ inches tall), best to mix the caplet with water (at a ratio of 1 caplet to 100 mL of water) and use it as a spray to ensure that all parts of the plant, from leaves to roots, are covered!*

*Best to use the solution within 24 hours after mixing.

5. Signature Potting Mix

Like everything we make, our Signature Potting Mix is composed of 100% organic matter. It’s fresh loam soil packed and infused with essential plant nutrients and bio-organic fertilizers.

Our composition, which is a healthy combination of garden soil, vermicast (nutrient-packed worm poop!), coco peat, and carbonised rice hull is great for growing vegetables, fruit-bearing trees, outdoor plants, and even ornamental plants and herbs.

They do well in terms of moisture retention, helping your plant become less high maintenance in terms of watering.

6. Grower’s leaflet

Our leaflet covers all the basics, with easy-to follow instructions to take care of your plant. But remember that the learning doesn't stop there. As with all things in life, the journey can be more valuable than the destination. So check back on our website for updated tips, tricks, and advice on our journey of growing!

7. Reusable plant tag

Name it Basil, Tomato, or even Caroline. However you call your plant, giving a name to living things we hold dear has always brought us joy. Don’t forget to talk to your plant when you can; it enjoys company! This practice is even backed by scientific research and dates back to the age of Charles Darwin.