Bloom-n-Boost Bundle

Bloom-n-Boost Bundle

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There’s no better defensive duo than the Bloom-n-Boost Bundle! Get it for only PhP 499 (Save PhP 100) until December 31, 2020. 

Morning Miracle caplets are specifically designed to speed up healthy plant growth, increase pest resistance, improve root development, rejuvenate your soil, and improve flowering and fruiting.

Bloom Serum on the other hand, is a complete fertilizer cocktail that boosts plant immunity and fortifies its growth by bringing together the 3 principal elements required for plant growth: nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium.

The effect of these 2 potent mixtures combined manifest in a generous harvest and a healthy lifecycle for your plant. Our own tried-and-tested signature fertilizers are specially formulated for learning growers. They come with a quick-and-easy guide, and in-depth online instructions. 

Get the limited edition Bloom-n-Boost Bundle now!